JCore Studios

Hello and welcome to JCore Studios, I'm excited that you're here! My name is Jay 🎸 🎶 (JCore92) and this is my landing page for all of the things that I do online. I call my little project studio "JCore Studios". At JCore Studios you will find an archive of all of my projects (finished or unfinished). You will find content like music, videos, software, and more about anything related to: music I write (alone or collabs), audio production, gaming, bash scripts or other github/opensource projects for linux, internet privacy, relevant project information about what I'm up too, or anything else that I find or deem worthwhile on the internet will be here as well.

To start off, let me help you get to know me better. I am a follower of Christ ✝️ and have been for many years. I have also been a gamer for many years and love to do it for fun or casually. Other than gaming I play, write, and record my own music and I'm currently am collaborating on a couple projects with a handful of people. Anyways, I think this is a pretty good summary thus far, if you've read this much I hope you enjoy my content and I'll soon figure out how to get a donation box setup here... until then, enjoy the content and don't forget to tell a friend!